How we use our own product AirConsole for team-building activities

Team building is good! Unfortunately, it is also expensive and takes time. In our startup however, we regularly play the games that we offer on our platform and these are the ones so far which helped the team to get closer.

Quite a few companies nowadays send their employees to team-building events, where the idea is to learn how to fall blindly into the arms of your colleagues, who you can’t even trust to not exchange sugar with salt. And if you think about team-building games you probably think more about some outdoor and physical activities.

Our young and small startup however has to offer some interesting online cooperative games where team work and communication is essential or where you get to know each other much better.

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AirConsole — use your smartphone as a gamepad is an instant browser-based entertainment system, where your screen is the console and your phones are the gamepads.

No installation required. It’s free!

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Rakete on AirConsole

Rakete — made by Mario von Rickenbach- was one of our first games and it is about launching a rocket and landing it on a blue little platform. However, this only works if the team works together, because each player controls one of the 5 thrusters and all together are responsible for steering the rocket. Communication is key for the team to succeed — especially in the later, trickier levels.

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Castle Hustle — defend a castle

Whereas Rakete can work if only one player takes the lead and gives orders, Castle Hustle is a great game that demands efficient communication from all of the players. In Castle Hustle (on FB) you have to defend a castle from monsters by taking actions with your characters such as “pick-up”, “throw items” or “move around”. Each round every player can set up to 4 actions and when the time runs out all player’s actions are executed simultaneously. So the challenge becomes to coordinate each action, not just to avoid bumping into each other and thereby losing valuable time and resources, but also to efficiently throw ammunition from players in the center of the map to players manning the catapults. This can only work if the whole team works together and builds an efficient strategy to defeat the attacking monsters.

AirConsole team building with Castle Hustle
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AirConsole Quiz —asking personal questions

Our self-made Quiz game has a mode called “FriendsQuiz”. It’s less about improving the communication within the team but more about revealing a lot of new things about your co-workers :)

In FriendsQuiz one player gets asked a personal question and all others have to select which answer the active player may have chosen. For example:

Question: “Which is David’s favorite super-hero?”

A: Batman, B: Superman, C: Hulk, D: Iron Man

Now David chooses A, because he likes Batman. Everyone else who is playing has to guess which answer David chose. In the end — the one with the most points wins.

The FriendsQuiz also offers a NSFW mode — however we don’t really recommend playing it in the office ;)

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Hilarious coop and VS game

Also worth mentioning is Ridiculous Climbing created by Kakus Games. This game offers both cooperation and competition. Every team, which consists of 2 players, controls a character, with each player in the team controlling one hand. The goal is to beat the other team by climbing as fast as possible to the top. This is not only super hard and demands a lot of team work from both players, but it’s like the name already says: truly ridiculous!

So if you think your team lacks a bit of communication skills and sending them a to a team building event would cost too much time or money, then try those AirConsole games during lunch- or short creative-breaks as an alternative to the usual team building activities :)

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